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About Us

EpicRecruit is the recruitment division of EpicCo Accounting and Advisory Services which has been in the service provider industry since 2008.

We are exceptionally passionate about talent at EpicRecruit and our approach is a client centric one.  Our objectives begin with identifying companies that we feel have synergy in their view of talented individuals. We at EpicRecruit focus on developing long term relationships. We work hard to understand our clients´ needs and aim to deliver consistent quality service.

We ensure that our skilled team actively source and recruit top talent according to the relevant culture, philosophies and values with the objective of providing people who can add value.

EpicTalent is the key to success – the right match to your culture and business objectives impact directly on your results.  This can be seen with shorter onboarding, quicker productivity, efficiencies in performance management, additional skills incorporated, effective succession planning and increased employee retention.

We hand pick our clients so that we are able to be an ambassador in the talent market.  We are borderless and commit to recruiting the best talent, regardless of where a candidate may be based.  Respect, integrity, service excellence and stewardship are some of the entrenched values that we at EpicRecruit hold dear.

EpicRecruit offers customized and relevant talent solutions that are based on best practice and impact positively across the talent cycle thereby contributing to your organizational goals.

Work For Us

At EpicRecruit our passion and innovative approach extends to our own EpicTalent!  Our team of experts are driven, energetic, skilled and passionate individuals who have advanced beyond the industry norm of a micro-managed environment.  We enjoy flexibility, autonomy, an outstanding and rewarding structure that celebrates skilled recruiters who have unparalleled passion for talent and the entire talent cycle.  If you are EpicTalent with excellent business acumen, exceptional communication skills and want to reach your true potential – then contact us today!